Elv Story in a Hawthorn Tree

This is Elv. When I want to just disappear into another world for a little while, I read. The last few days I have fallen into another one of Alice Hoffman's books, The Story Sisters. The first 1/3 of the book is filled with some really wonderful imagery. I have BIG plans for a series of illustrations of the Story sisters. Elv is the oldest of the 3 sisters. She spends many evenings in a Hawthorn tree outside of her bedroom window. After digging a little, I found out that there are some suspicions and folk stories about the Hawthorn tree. I love Hoffman.

About Hawthorn Trees


Illustration Friday Topic: SKINNY


The ultimate "SKINNY" jeans. I saw a Gibbon at the Columbus zoo this summer and the small creature left quite an impression on me. He had these amazingly LONG skinny fingers and a sad look on his face. When I got home I did this sketch. Not the Gibbon, obviously, but inspired by him none the less. I colored the sketch for this weeks topic.