Elv Story in a Hawthorn Tree

This is Elv. When I want to just disappear into another world for a little while, I read. The last few days I have fallen into another one of Alice Hoffman's books, The Story Sisters. The first 1/3 of the book is filled with some really wonderful imagery. I have BIG plans for a series of illustrations of the Story sisters. Elv is the oldest of the 3 sisters. She spends many evenings in a Hawthorn tree outside of her bedroom window. After digging a little, I found out that there are some suspicions and folk stories about the Hawthorn tree. I love Hoffman.

About Hawthorn Trees


Illustration Friday Topic: UNDONE

I thought that I was made of some pretty strong stuff. My seams have been tested a lot this year and I fear I have come "undone" more than a few times. It is a good thing I am handy with a needle and thread.


The Only Bee in my Bonnet

I listened to They Might Be Giants recently and this is what came of it. Their music is so playful. This print is available in my NEW Etsy shop! Keep an eye out for more prints and cards to come.


Illustration Friday Topic: MUSIC

I was instantly inspired upon hearing Dave Matthew's new song "You and Me"! I went to work sketching this right away and it worked out perfectly for this weeks topic. Click the link below to hear this great song!

Dave Matthew’s,”You and Me”


’tis the season for warmth and friendship . . .

A new piece for Christmas.


Illustration Friday Topic: SKINNY


The ultimate "SKINNY" jeans. I saw a Gibbon at the Columbus zoo this summer and the small creature left quite an impression on me. He had these amazingly LONG skinny fingers and a sad look on his face. When I got home I did this sketch. Not the Gibbon, obviously, but inspired by him none the less. I colored the sketch for this weeks topic.


Illustration Friday Topic: FAST


That is just how I did this sketch, FAST. My son LOVES going fast, he has no fear. My daughter is the cautious one. I was remembering one trip to the sledding hill when my son was 2. He flew down the huge snowy hill on a saucer yelling "Happy New Year". He was smiling from ear to ear.


Illustration Friday Topic: FROZEN


I have been insanely busy this week and almost didn't finish this in time. I am glad I stayed up late tonight to get it done! I love Illustration Friday for all of the inspiration and feedback!


Bats flying, houses haunted, and little monsters everywhere. . . Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!


Halloween is a big to do in my town. The old victorian houses, huge gnarly trees, and bats flying about add to the spooky atmosphere on my favorite of all holidays!