New Products on Etsy!

There are lots of new products coming soon! I am so excited to get my new stickers in the mail. As soon as they get here I will show them off here!

Rust Belt Market was well worth the work!

I was a new vendor at the Rust Belt Market last Saturday, May 28th. It was a really nice experience. The friendly vendors, nicely designed wide open space and handmade goods made for a unique shopping and selling experience. Live music by different groups throughout the day added to the relaxed atmosphere. The shoppers seemed to be people who appreciated the value of art and handmade goods and were there to buy.

There was a steady crowd and my sales were really good. I am definitely going to do it again!


YEAH! Meth and Hot Dogs 2!!

Meth and Hot Dogs 2 @ LIFT in Royal Oak

Opening April 30th 7 – 10 PM

I am so thrilled to be a part of this show! I am almost finished with my first piece and have started sketches for the second. With all of the fabulous artists that are participating, I had better set aside some money to purchase something. I know the temptation to buy will be too great to resist.