Illustration Friday Topic: GERMS


I have to admit, at first, the topic "GERMS" was not very inspiring for me. As it turns out, however, my little boy is sick. He has been moping around the house the last couple of days. His current state being the product of germs.


12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday Topic: GERMS

  1. Hey, thank you for your kind comments on my blog and website!
    Your work is lovely, and this little sick boy is just adorable.
    Hope your little boy gets better soon!x

  2. Wow – what a fantastic illo! I love your character’s wretched expression, huddled up under a blanket! Great stuff. Your style is very slick, great mix of graphical elements like the white outline and the really nice and delicate rendering of the face but with expressive exagerrated features. There is loads to look at in this illo, but none of the details overshadow the central anguish of the character. Brilliant, am gonna have s look through the rest of your blog now….!

    Adam Foster-Fahy

    • Thanks for the compliments Adam! I really appreciate the feedback.
      I checked out your blog . . . I especially liked the sketch dump! The self portrait in rubber gloves . . . WOW! Is that a digital painting? Very nice.

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